TXT is a global technology company. Our aim is to facilitate some of the largest and most flourishing organizations, public and private enterprises and public institution to accomplish their business goals. We are presence in many countries worldwide and in other parts of the world we work with reliable partners.

In the past decade or so, technology has become a key factor in the operations, strategy, and competitive advantage of major corporations in ICT and Telecommunication sector. In the past, technology was confined to only technical, operations task. Today, technology is seen as a strategic component that pervades business management not only at the technical level but also at the management and strategic levels.

We have a better understanding of our customers, their issues, their customers and the impact we can have on all three. We provide better value for money and are dedicated to clear targets to realize our customers' business ambitions and deliver value.

Through our people, we offer better services to our customers. We are there when things go wrong and always we do our very best to set new standards. We are accountable and most importantly we deliver.

Our value to clients lies in our ability to react quickly and move ahead of the changing trends in the marketplace. We have aligned ourselves with the best companies in the industry. Through our track record of success with these companies, we have positioned ourselves as a top-tier resource that can deliver high-end products and services to the market.

With a growing reputation TXT is quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading technology company. Through a combination of enthusiastic professionalism and enthusiasm, we listen and respond to our customers at all times and pride ourselves on delivering innovative, creative solutions that provide real value for money.

To become a global technology company and having fun achieving it!

Have the best execution, systems and people
Establish partnership with leading suppliers and vendors One Stop Shop and Customer-focused

We Value our Customers, our Partners, our Commitment, our Responsibility, our Quality, our Ambition, our Aspiration and our Flexibility



Project Management & Consultancy of ICT and Telecommunication is part of our core service and is a result of our understanding of our client's needs.

We identify which configuration of our services will achieve our client's required outcome. We then provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value and completing projects within the time frame & budget.


TELECOMMUNICATIONS We provide professional engineering services consists of Installation, Testing and Commissioning which covers optical fiber, base station for RBS, VSAT, Microwave equipment, radio equipment and last but not least Wi-Fi equipment.

Distribution and reselling engineering equipments such as test equipments, field equipments, surveying equipments, drafting equipments, measurement tools, specialty equipments and many more.

With high skilled engineers and technicians which can provide maintenance services such as: Tower maintenance (Painting, Structure check, Radome maintenance, etc) Microwave (MDRS, Mini link, Huawei, etc) BTS 2G and 3G (Ericsson, Huawei)

We provide exceptional professional Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration and Sustainable Design services especially in Telecommunication, Mechanical and Electrical field.



We distribute and resell hardware and software of data communication and networking equipments.

We customize the system in order to meet the customer’s specific requirements and specifications. 
Furthermore, we offer customized systems solution based on:

  • Hardware platforms configuration
  • Managed service solutions in all areas of ICT.

We are determined to continuously support our customers to ensure high level of satisfaction and good after sales service.

We provide 24×7×365 Network Operation Centre (NOC) monitoring and reporting solutions.


Talk to us about whatever you like, ask us a question or tell us about a project you may want to have with us. We're all ears.

Where we are

  • TXT Earnestel Sdn Bhd (731932-P)
  • A-2-05 SME Technopreneur 2,
    2260 Jalan Usahawan 1,
  • 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
  • +603 8686 8888
  • admin@txt-earnstel.com
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